Spectrum WASP’s Josh Beasley’s Got Talent

Within 6 months, Spectrum WASP’s 14 year old Josh Beasley has gone from knowing nothing about magic to becoming a card carrying member of the Nottingham Guild of Magicians. On May 12th Josh was the winner of the Autisms Got Talent completion at the prestigious Mermaid Theatre in central London.

Josh is pictured above with Strictly Come Dancing star Robin Winsor, at the Mermaid Theatre.

Josh also entertained the Freemason’s, by performing table magic at their Sunday luncheon on 29th April at the Sherwood Forest Golf Club.

Josh is pictured above with two of the Freemasons.

Everyone at Spectrum WASP are so proud of Josh and his wonderful achievements. WELL DONE JOSH, YOU ARE A MAGICAL STAR.

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