Happy New Year

Sue/Jeni would like to Wish 🧚..A ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ 🎉to All our Spectrum/Wasp Children/Young People, Parents, Carers, Support Staff/Team .. Volunteers.. Heather/Steering Group Committee, Friends/Family … Children in Need .. The National Lottery .. HM Government Covid 19 Funding /NET .. All the Support from our Local Businesses .. who have helped with our ‘Voucher Scheme’ which we were able to put in place for our Children/ Families to experience Out/About Activities to enjoy over 2020 through the year with lockdown/tier system coming in .. It has been such a Challenging Year for us All, but with All the Help/Support throughout Jeni and l have been able to bring a new way of working into our job roles which has
brought in Life Skills and Learning at Home/Out About for our Families to enjoy together .. Keeping everyone Safe..and most importantly has ‘Kept us All in Touch’ sharing Fabulous Smiles/Fun .. through our shared Photos/Messages that we’ve received from you All to pop on our Social Media to share with everyone .. Let’s Keep those Smiles Coming throughout 2021 .. Here’s just a little reminder of some of the things we’ve been up too .. ⛄️🙂 ❄️🐝.. See you All Soon
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