February Half Term

What a ‘Fabulous’ February Half Term holidays we have had at Spectrum/Wasp with our Children/Young People, something on everyday Monday-Friday which we’ve had great Fun doing ..Monday was, I-Jump Trampoline Centre for All of our Children .. Tuesday -Our own Autism Friendly Screening at the Odeon Mansfield , of a ‘Must to see’ screening of ‘Sing 2’ for All Children/Teens/Siblings and Families, which was great fun .. the onto Wednesday/Thursday with our Teens, daytime/evening Rehearsals with Alan Dawson (Playwright/Director), and Sandy/Emma supporting Actors, from the Headstocks Theatre Group. Then Friday Evening our Performance of,.. ‘The Dapper Badger’ ..which proved to be such a ‘Night to Remember’ with Fantastic performance’s from each and every ‘Young/Person’ acting on the night, who were just Amazing .. it was such a special moment watching such a Fabulous Play for all Parents/Carers who came along … how Proud we felt at Spectrum/Wasp on Friday Evening .. ‘Thank You’

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